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Project AMT Gerdan

Our team believes that communication and collaboration is the key for a successful business.
So we ensure a close communication with our clients in every step and process of our services.

About Us

We are an innovative company that has been in service since 2013.
We provide various services and equipment in the fields of Engineering, Automation and Power Equipment. Whether you are small business, a corporation or an individual; we value our patrons equally.



We offer a wide variaty of consulting services, including, but not limited to; International Expantion, Procurement, Engineering, IT and more. Please contact us for futher information.


IT Services

Website, Software, Game & Mobile App Development – Artificial Intelligence & AI Chat Bots – IOT – Blockchain – VR / AR – Enterpirse Mobility Management Platform – Digital Marketing – Lead Contacts Database & Email Campaign – Big Data Analysis – CAD Customization / Automation for AutoCAD, and Solidworks.


Equipment and Systems

We can provide turn key solution for your private or commercial needs including but not limited to ; Automation Systems, Power Equipment, Hot Rolling Mill Stands, Industrial shafts, Air Ionizers..  



Simulation & Modelling

We can assist your management department and plan your business with your current client's habits and also calculate the " what if " scenarios of your business with our advanced business simulation software.


Computer Aided Engineering

In today's world, computers can aid almost any business, get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business.


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